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Surprise! 80% of Women Are Wearing the Wrong Size Bra!

Is Your Bra Driving You Crazy? YOU Might Be Wearing the Wrong Size!

As unbelievable as it may seem, did you know that 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra? This means that chances are, you are too.
That’s right, if your underwire is pressing into your breast, your bra is riding up
or you are experiencing back and neck pain, you are probably wearing the incorrect size.


Australian “bra whisperer” Paula Svoboda is a bra expert who has properly fitted over 50,000 women with the correct size.
She believes there are four key ways to tell if you are wearing the wrong sized bra.



If the wire in your bra is digging into your breasts, your bra is the incorrect size.



If your bra rides up in back, your bra is too large.



If you are experiencing neck and back pain, it is because the weight of your breast is heavy and your bra is not the correct size to accommodate this.



If your straps are slipping off of your shoulders, it is because your bra is too large in the diaphragm area.


Paula said that getting a professional fitting is not difficult and you will know exactly what size you should be wearing.
She said, “I have been fitting bras for over 10 years and can tell a women’s size, shape and the most appropriate bra style to suit their shape, just by a simple glance.
I have seen many women’s confidence transformed by a simple bra fitting, some have even been reduced to tears of joy.”


Another question many women ask is how often should they replace their bras?
Paula said that if you wear your bra a few times a week, you should replace is every six months.


So if you haven’t done so already and are wondering what size bra you should actually be wearing, why not schedule a professional fitting at your local lingerie store today?






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