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The Correct Way of Sculpting to Achieve Facial Sex Appeal

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Watching many bloggers and vloggers, you can see how much incorrect information is being shared when it comes to makeup and, in this case, sculpting. This is why I’m glad I went to a makeup school – although after my first hands-on class I was told I don’t have to come back. (My makeup skills were already far too advanced for a makeup school but I still continued because I simply like to go to school.)


My whole life I’ve been getting compliments on how my face is perfect. The fact is, my face is pretty far from being perfect. The reason why people perceive my face as “perfect” is because I know how to create the illusion of perfection. Trust me, I never hear that compliment when I’m bare-faced. It’s because makeup can correct and change the appearance of facial features.


With the right tools and understanding the correct technique, you can transform a face into a masterpiece in just minutes. The key is to understand your face proportions .¨ the golden ratio.


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