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10 Ways To Encourage a Workout

I love working out. I just don’t feel the same when I don’t get a good sweat in. Of course I have off days, but only to recover from a brutal work out the day before. Even though I love the way working out makes me feel, I still need an extra boost of motivation some days. Here are the top ten things I do to encourage myself to workout.

1.Set a goal. Whether it be a certain size you hope to get into or an endurance goal, set one and plan to accomplish it!

2. Download a killer playlist. I love walking and running in silence. It is one of my tools to get clear, but nothing gets me more excited to run than an awesome playlist. Choose songs that are fun and fast so that you have to keep up with the tempo.

3. Get a partner to workout with. Having a partner to work out with is great support. You can inspire them or there can be days that you are pushing yourself to keep up with their regimen.

4. Make a workout plan. Make a schedule and stick to it. Pick your work out days and times and make it as important as any other appointment you would make.

5. Get new shoes or a new workout outfit. Nothing makes me want to run more than a new pair of running shoes. Something about a new pair of shoes and new work out clothes makes me literally want to run to the gym. Choose bright fun colors that uplift you and get you going.

6. End your workouts on a high note. Pick something calmer that you love to do like stretching or just being quiet for a couple of seconds so that your body can absorb your workout. When you end on a positive note, your subconscious remembers that blissful feeling rather than the pain and sweat. This makes you more likely to want to go back. And this is also why many yoga classes end on Shavasana.

7. Amp yourself up! Drink an energizing protein drink, black coffee or green tea to get yourself going. Caffeine is a great motivator and I don’t get the same workouts without a little boost in the am.

8. Inspirational pictures are a great motivator. Take them before and after your workouts. Or hang pictures of fit people who you admire to inspire you daily.

9. Head to social media for inspiration. Instagram is my favorite resource for fit inspiration. There are numerous accounts with pictures, quotes, recipes, and inspiring stories that always encourage me to want to work out.

10. Strive to get out of your comfort zone. If we quit every time we felt uncomfortable, we wouldn’t achieve anything.

* Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.- Jim Ryan


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