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12 Exercises That Target Problem Areas

We can have all of the self-love in the world and still want to work on our bodies to be their very best.

We all have “problem areas” that need a little more work than others. Whether you’re looking to get harder abs or stronger thighs, certain workouts can help you get the results you want. Each of these moves has its own unique benefits. Take a look at our guide to find the exercises that best work the common problem areas.

1. The Problem: Belly fat

The Solution: Mountain climbers

This exercise involves quick movements while staying in plank pose. It will zap your belly fat and give you a strong core.

2. The Problem: Muffin top

The Solution: Plank tuck jumps

If you’re looking to shed your muffin top fast, this move will help you get there by combining cardio and abdominal work.

3. The Problem: Thick thighs

The Solution: Single-leg, Single-arm reach

This is a great move to tone your butt and thighs. It stretches your glutes and hamstrings while making them stronger.

4. The Problem: Back fat

The Solution: Single-arm dumbbell

These exercises can help you target the muscles of the upper body and slim you down in the process.

5. The Problem: Under-arm jiggle

The Solution: Tricep dips

This is an easy but effective move that will tone underneath the arms and strengthen your core and triceps.

6. The Problem: Saddlebags

The Solution: Single-leg hip raises

Strengthening the muscles in the glute-hamstring tie-in area is the solution to getting rid of saddlebags. This move will make the corresponding muscle more metabolically active and stronger.

7. The Problem: Weak core

The Solution:
Abdominal crunch

Crunches are classic core strengthening exercise that help tone the abdominal muscles and give you a defined waistline.

8. The Problem: Extra arm fat

The Solution: Jumping jacks

In addition to burning calories by getting your heart rate up, jumping jacks can also give you the toned arms you’ve always wanted.

9. The Problem: Cellulite

The Solution: Lying inner-leg lift

This move works the inner thighs to create a strong, lean line down the insides of your leg, getting rid of any cellulite.

10. The Problem: Weak chest

The Solution: Planks

Planks are like the top half of a push-up. They are a great way strengthen the chest muscles and tighten your abs.

11. The Problem: Saggy Butt

The Solution:
Glute Bridge

This move will help target your glutes and build strength. It will work you butt while relieving tension in your lower back.

12. The Problem: Thick Ankles

The Solution: Calf Raises

Calf raises are easy bodyweight exercises that you can do every day. In addition to toning your calves, they also improve balance and build better ankle stability.

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