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12 Workouts that Burn the Most Calories

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Exercising is essential to keep your body fit and strong. But, if you’re aiming to lose weight, not all activities will let your body burn through tons of calories. You have to pick mostly high-intensity workouts to burn fat and shed those unwanted pounds. To help narrow your search, here are 12 workouts that burn the most calories.


Group of women wearing colorful fitness attire doing dumbbell workouts
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Strength training is a challenging activity, especially when you’re not used to lifting heavy objects. As such, you can burn about 455 calories per hour. Although the last in this list of workouts that burn the most calories, resistance training allows you to burn calories hours after working out. Furthermore, these types of fat-burning exercises are effective for building muscles. Always remember, muscles need calories, so make sure to eat enough to sustain your strength training.

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