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2010s Glamour: The Already Unforgettable Fashion Trends from this Decade

When looking back on the past year, it is always mind boggling to think of how many trends one year could hold. Every year ushers in with it a whole new era of fashion trends. That’s aside from the hundreds of throwback trends being brought back to style. It can get exhausting to keep up at times!

Already a few months into 2018, we’re kind-of jolted into realizing that 2020 isn’t too far off. Is your mind as blown as ours by that? It’s crazy to think that it has almost been a decade since 2010 *cue the typical ‘it feels like yesterday’ rant*. It’s been a great few years, so let’s see what we wore throughout them.

2010: The Skinny Jean

It is insane to think that this trend only started seven years ago. The infamous skinny jean has come to be such a classic everyday piece of clothing today; it’s hard to remember the year it all began.

2010 was the year that brought us our favorite form-flattering style of jeans! To think there was a time that people mocked skinny jeans and couldn’t see it catching on- who knew! This trend is definitely still with us today, and probably will be forever. They’re just so comfortable!

2011: Peplum

While the peplum has gone out of style in it’s original form, there are actually still many renditions of peplum that are in style today! You remember it. The extremely tight top that flared out at the waist? Who didn’t love a good peplum.

Whether you donned it in dress form or blouse, almost everyone was all about peplums. Today we see a less-tight fitted version. Blouses that are flowy but ruffle at the ends similarly to peplums are very popular today.

2012: Wedge Sneakers

Wedged sneakers may be out of style for this year, but they were always a great lift for those of us who are petite.

Back in 2012, wedge sneakers were the shoe of choice. This year’s sneakers align more with the popularity of the atheisure lifestyle and are worn for actual exercise!

2013: All White

Back in 2013, you couldn’t’ tell anyone to leave white alone after labor day. All white outfits were all the rage all year round!

All white pantsuits, all white dresses matched with white shoes. The options were endless. Draping yourself in any and all white pieces of fashion were super in trend well after summer was over!

2014: Pleats

The pleats have yet to make their exit from the trend arena. Pleated dresses and skirts are still on trend today, but they definitely had their biggest moment in 2014.

Pleated shirts and skirts were everywhere you turned. This throwback design was everyone’s favorite back in 2014, but it is definitely still prominent today.

2015: Off-the-Shoulder

Clearly, as we get closer and closer to today we notice the yearly trends have yet to fade. Off-the-shoulder tops and dress are still very much in today.

Whether in the form of draping off the shoulders or in the form of cold shoulders, playing peek-a-boo with your shoulders is definitely still on trend.

2016: Velvet

We’re definitely huge fans of this trend and we’re glad it has stuck around. Velvet is such an eccentric fun fabric and a great way to make a statement.

You can pair any velvet piece of clothing with the simplest of outfits and instantly elevate. We love how a simple velvet T-shirt can take any outfit to another level! Just make sure the velvet you wear is vegan as some brands still use natural fibers.

2017: Athleisure

2017 has been all about the casual athelisure look. With this trend, everyone is always rocking their favorite yoga pants, whether or not they are heading to class! 

Other trends such as the 90s look and bomber jackets also came into style in 2017. As we delve into spring 2018, we’re excited to see which runway trends truly make it to streetwear.

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