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21 Best Coco Chanel Quotes

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The amazing Gabrielle Coco Chanel is one of the most iconic designers of the 20th century. She was born on August 19, 1883, in Saumur, France, and died on January 10, 1971. It’s now been 134 years since this legend was born, but she still remains the most influential women in the world of fashion. Coco was a real visionary, a strong and powerful character that wanted to make a revolution in the fashion industry. She most certainly did. Aside from her iconic designs, Gabrielle is known for her wise words that are still empowering to this day.

Her iconic work, ground-breaking designs, and her influence are indisputable. Coco opened her first shop in 1910, and that is the year when it all began. Just shortly after, she introduced the Chanel no.5 perfume, which is the best-selling perfume to this day. Probably her most revolutionary design is the Chanel suit. The tweed suit combined men’s tailoring with feminine details. Until then it was unconventional for women to be seen in jackets and fitted skirts. Coco’s goal was to create clothes in which women would feel comfortable, but also look stylish and elegant.

Another one of her biggest accomplishments is the little black dress. In 1926, Coco’s design of a simple black dress was published in Vogue magazine. The dress had a very plain design with long sleeves and was meant to be worn with white pearls. Until then, the black color was reserved only for events of mourning. Chanel changed that, and set new standards, where black represented glamour and elegance. Take a look at best Coco Chanel quotes, to celebrate her incredible legacy.

Best Coco Chanel Quotes in Honor of Her Birthday
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