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5 Morning Workout Moves for Extra Energy

How can you boost your energy in 5 easy steps?

Our modern lives are increasingly busy and stressful. We often don’t find any time for ourselves. And one of the busiest times for most is the morning. After all, we’re rushing to get kids off to school, lunches packed, pets fed, breakfasts to cook and then we find ourselves sitting in a frustrating rush hour commute to work! When do we even have time to think about exercise?

But did you know that by exercising in the morning you actually boost your metabolism for the rest of the day? By boosting your metabolism for the day, you will burn more calories and therefore keep weight off or lose those extra 5 pounds! And even though many of us don’t believe there is extra time in the morning to exercise, you’ll be doing your health a world of good by taking the time to do it.
This is time for yourself and your body. You’ll feel better the rest of the day. And you’ll boost your energy.
Before you know it, you’ll have extra energy to burn! And this will also help your overall attitude and performance while at work.

Remember, you’re worth it and nothing is as important as your health. So even if you have to get up 30 minutes earlier each day, believe us, time spent on yourself is never wasted.
Enjoy the peace and quiet of the morning alone while you prepare to do these quick and easy morning workout moves. This can be a brand new way for you to approach an otherwise stressful time each morning! After all, your job, the kids, and that commute aren’t going away anytime soon. So this is a way to take precious time each morning for yourself.

Watch as Cassey Ho, the creator of Blogilates, shares some of her favorite morning workout moves to get your blood pumping and your energy up!



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