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5 Ways to Eliminate Food Cravings

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For a lot of people, eliminating cravings for sweets and unhealthy snacks can be one of the most effective steps toward weight loss, or a consistent health routine. The trouble is that, by nature, cravings can be difficult to suppress or ignore! While different strategies work better for different people, we’re positive these simple tricks will get you on the right path to controlling your cravings!


Determine Your Hunger Level

As often as not, a food craving is based on taste and desire, rather than actual hunger. Sometimes, the first step toward suppressing a craving is identifying that there may be no actual hunger. This takes a lot of discipline, and may be more effective at some moments than at others, but it’s still worth keeping in mind. The next time you’re facing down a craving, try to pause and focus on your stomach for a moment to determine if you still feel full or not.



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