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6 Hair Mistakes That Make You Look Older

When you have a bad haircut or a color that does not favor you, your self-esteem tends to hit the floor. On top of that, the wrong haircut can age you! Fortunately, it is quite simple to fix those problems without spending much more of your money. If you want to avoid or overcome those beauty disasters, here are some of biggest errors that make you look older and how to fix them!

1. Very Long Hair

No matter how beautiful your hair is, it will never look good if you leave it super long. When your hair goes longer than your ribs, it automatically makes you look older as it adds weight to your look and takes away volume. We recommend you cut it as short as an inch or 2 beyond your chin. For those who prefer long hair, make sure to get layers that aren’t too long to still frame your face.

2. Rarely Getting Your Hair Cut

Few take seriously the idea of finding an ideal haircut for their face shape. This not only favors your face but makes you look fashionable.
Over the years, the hair begins to look weaker and thinner, so if you leave it long, it will start to show damage. The classic hairstyle that makes a woman look older and disheveled is when all hair is at the same length. That is why you have to add several layers to add volume to your look.

3. Never Changing Your Signature Style

You may look good with that style, but keeping the same style for many years is a big mistake women make. It is important to evolve with the passage of time. Do not be afraid to add a modern touch to your hairstyle.

4. Bad Color Choice

When choosing a shade for your hair, you should take into consideration the color of your skin, as it should complement it. Ask your colorist which color would suit your skin tone, eye color, face shape, and line of work the best. Those who have a creative job can pick beyond the brunette, blonde, and red spectrum.

5. Parting Your Hair in the Wrong Place

Even if you do not believe it, the hairline can subtract or add more years, so you must be careful with it because it is one of the most common hair errors. Parting in the center instantly adds years to your face as it takes away natural volume. Opt for an side-part or try bangs if it suits your face shape.

6. Too Much Volume

As you get older the hair loses its natural volume, which makes you look older. Many women overcompensate or add in extensions. Instead, opt for simple, straight hair that is both modern and elegant. No one wants you to have hair from the 80s or the hair of an octogenarian.


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