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6 Simple Steps To Grow Your Instagram Following

In an age where social media dominates most of our lives, it is an increasingly common aspiration to grow a following on each individual platform. Whether to extend your reach for your business, or just to boost your personal following, here are 6 easy tips you can incorporate into your Instagram to gain more followers.

Consistency Is Key

When talking to anyone who has an impressive following on Instagram, there is always one holy rule that they follow: post regularly!

Being consistent with your Instagram will remind your followers that yes, you are still alive and well, and yes, you still have a banging feed. By having a constant presence on your followers feed, you will soon become a name they easily recognise and recall, increasing the chances of you becoming a recommendation they show to their friends. A quiet account is one that will quickly become irrelevant, and eventually unfollowed.

If possible, post more than once a day. While it may seem like an impossible feat, being able to post more than once a day will increase the chances of you getting onto the renowned featured page, and will therefore expose your account to more individuals.

Peak Posting Time

While Instagram has recently changed their algorithm in terms of how content is presented on someones feed, the time at which you post is still proven to be an essential tool in increasing the interaction you have with your followers.

However, there is no “one-time-fits-all”, and it’s important you take into account your target audience and what groups of people currently follow you.

If you’ve curated a more mature following of people who are on that 9-to-5 grind, there’s a higher chance that they’re checking their accounts in the morning before work. While younger, college-age users are more likely to be on their phones later, with the peak times as recorded by Later
being 2a.m. and 5p.m.

Experimenting with your posting time can lead to some pretty interesting results, and we definitely recommend trying it out.

Have A Go At Hashtags

The humble hashtag has recently become more forgotten, however its power is still undeniable.

By using relevant hashtags to the content you’re posting, people that are particularly interested in that certain topic or are also using that hashtag themselves now have a way to find your account. Have a search for top trending hashtags that lend themselves to your posts, or make up your own!

If you’re trying to avoid clogging
your caption and want to keep things clean, leave the hashtags as a comment on the post in question. This way you still get the full use of the hashtags, all while they’re hidden under your post.

Tag Different Accounts

Tags are another huge way to build a following. By tagging accounts that are related to your post, you can actually increase the exposure your posts will get as people search for these and can come across your photo.

By finding accounts that are relevant to your content, you can actually take advantage of those dedicated to reposting content and tagging the creator. This, in turn, increases your exposure to a wider audience, and if people like what they see, they will most likely follow you to see similar content again. (travel accounts, some businesses, etc.)

If you’re into fashion, an awesome way to gain more attention is to tag the brands of the clothes you are wearing. This is another great way to get views from a wider audience and therefore more potential followers, as people will often look through the tagged photos of brands to see how a certain clothing item looks on someone like them.


Most popular Instagram accounts that have curated followers over time have a general theme for their feed that they try to stick to.

Whether your theme is focused around photos which feature a similar colour a lot, or you’re interested in fashion and post a lot of #OOTD’s, it’s a good idea to stick to having a feed focused around a similar theme since that’s usually
what people are looking for when wanting to follow a new account.

Having reliable content centred around something that your followers are also interested in, whether that just be a consistent aesthetic that they also enjoy, is an important step in standing out as an account to follow.

Post What You Love, Love What You Post

While it’s all well and good following these steps, the best advice we can give is to post what you love.

If you’re struggling to think of what this could be, take a look at which Instagram accounts really speak to you .¨ are they accounts where the creator mainly posts pictures of themselves? Do they post a lot of artsy photography? Are you finding yourself more drawn to fashion accounts, or are you a true foodie?

Posting your passion not only guarantees that you will have a lot of content to post if it’s something you enjoy, but will also allow you to stay true to yourself.

Happy posting!


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