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60s Fashion: From the Miniskirt to the British Invasion, The Styles You Still Wear Today

Fashion trends come and go, but almost every time without fail you’ll notice that every trend is influenced by a former trend. It often seems like the fashion world is simply regurgitating the style of an older decade- every single time! Whether it’s the “Clueless”-esque 90s making a comeback or the classic flapper dresses, every decade has left its mark on fashion. Well, today we’re talking about the era where the fashion was just as revolutionary as the the political events. The era where the British invaded American fashion and where miniskirts were almost as popular as the bell bottoms! That’s right, we’re talking about the 60s! 60s fashion has been making a huge comeback, and you may have not even noticed. Here are some of our favorite ways to rock 60s fashion in 2018. 


No 60s fashion-related post is complete without the classic miniskirts. Have they ever really gone out of style?

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Photo Credit: ASOS

Nothing quite completes a look like a miniskirt. Whether for a night out or a cute little outfit to go with your thigh-high boots, we’re so grateful for this 60s classic!

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Photo Credit: ASOS

Miniskirts are back in a big way. They’re super on trend right now and we love getting creative using a miniskirt as a staple piece. Instead of a simple A-line miniskirt, opt for some different shapes and textures. We’re loving pleated skirts and wrap miniskirts, too.


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