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7 Ways Roses Can Make You Look More Beautiful

Roses have aesthetic effects that can bring life to its surroundings. But, did you know that this beautiful blossom can also make you look more appealing? As you know, a lot of cosmetic products have roses as their primary ingredient. The main reason is due to the flower’s numerous healing properties that can improve your skin and hair. So, what exactly are the beauty benefits of roses?

1. Prevents Dry Skin

All of us want a soft and smooth complexion. Fortunately, you don’t have to opt for expensive beauty products. Roses has hydrating effects that can make your skin feel like the flower’s delicate petals. This effect is due to the natural oils and sugars in a rose that can lock moisture on your skin.

One way to keep your dermis fresh and hydrated throughout the day is to spritz rose water. But, that’s not all. You can also use this product as a natural perfume. Thus, spraying rose water can moisturize your skin and provide an alluring scent at the same time.

2. Reduces Inflammation

One of the most valuable beauty benefits of roses is reducing the common signs of inflammation such as irritation, redness, and swelling. Because of this effect, beauty products containing roses can greatly benefit people with skin problems like eczema, rosacea, and dermatitis. In fact, some experts consider roses as one of the best ingredients to calm or soothe skin flare-ups.

3. Kills Acne-Causing Bacteria

Another valuable healing property of roses is its ability to kill some bacterial species, including Staphylococcus aureus – a common cause of acne. In fact, one study revealed that rose water was more effective than tetracycline in fighting certain types of bacteria.

Because of its antibacterial properties, you can use rose water or oil to cleanse your face and prevent acne. You can also use this natural product to prevent infection and reduce scarring if you have cuts, wounds, or minor burns.

4. Fights Premature Aging

Basically, some of the beauty benefits of roses are due to its high vitamin C contents. One, in particular, is fighting premature aging. As you know, the free radicals present in your food and surroundings can damage your cells, leading to wrinkles, fine lines, and a lifeless complexion. As a potent antioxidant, vitamin C can stop and neutralize the free radicals.

Aside from that, vitamin C can also stimulate collagen production. Thus, this essential nutrient can also help in skin rejuvenation, bringing back the life and radiance of your complexion.

However, not all products with ascorbic acid can efficiently provide these benefits. According to a study, rose water is superior compared to synthetic vitamin C.

5. A Natural Astringent

As a natural astringent, roses can help reduce oiliness, tighten your pores, and remove dead cells and other skin impurities. Coupled with its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, rose water or oil is definitely a highly recommended beauty essential for women with oily and acne-prone skin. The best part is that the flower’s astringent effects are mild. As such, this product can greatly benefit those with sensitive skin.

6. Soothes an Itchy Scalp

Aside from your skin, some of the beauty benefits of roses can also promote strong and healthy tresses. For example, the flower’s moisturizing properties can sooth itchiness that typically occurs if you have dry scalp.

Aside from that, rose water can also nourish your strands and promote blood flow to your scalp – effects that may encourage hair growth.

7. Calms Your Mind

Finally, you can also use roses for aromatherapy. Basically, this flower has a refreshing scent that can calm your mind and get rid of anxiety. In fact, one study revealed that the blend of rose and lavender oil was able to help postpartum women overcome anxiety and depression.

Aside from stress relief, you can also inhale or place a few drops of rose oil or water on your pillows to help you sleep better. Always remember, you will look more youthful and vibrant if you’re relaxed, stress-free, and well-rested.


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