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9 Fashion Trends Started by The Spice Girls

If in the 90s you considered yourself “cool”, then surely you listened and dressed like the Spice Girls. From their real girl personalities and catchy music, to their memorable wardrobe and music videos, they started many trends that we still wear today!
Here are some of the coolest fashion statements made by Geri Halliwell, Melanie Brown, Melanie Chisholm, Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton.

Girl Power Message

Long before Dior’s creative director, Maria GraziaChiuri will launch the iconic statement t-shirt with the slogan “The Future is Female”, the Spice Girls sang with looks that conveyed girl power, solidarity, and equality. Even their greatest hit “Wannabe” was transformed as an anthem to promote women’s right and empowerment.

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Do you have to be a girl to have girl power? ✌🏻Who inspired that victory sign ? ✌🏻 Firstly ,I’ve gone through life , like most of us with times of fear , making mistakes and self doubt. I am certainly not perfect . So what is girl power? I believe it’s pushing through doubts and adversity – Those are the times you find out who you are , what you’re made of , and who is with you. That’s when you find your real girl power. Pushing through , never giving up , with faith and stoicism . From the very beginning of my career , who inspired mine? Who inspired that victory sign✌🏻? Winston Churchill. That’s why throughout the Spice girls , I’d always do the ‘V’ for victory. ✌🏻Winston Churchill had girl power’ , plus the support (of a wife who had it. ). He wasn’t perfect , he had moments of doubt , and wasn’t always popular , but he stood for what he believed in. The movie #Darkest hour – you’ll get what I mean. So , you don’t have to be a girl, to have girl power. Girl power is a strength within , and it’s in all of us. Perhaps we need it now more than ever. ✌🏻#girlpower

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Animal Print

In recent Fashion Week shows, Calvin Klein, Tom Ford and Victoria Beckham have used it as a part of their collections, but let’s not forget that before them the iconic Mel B. was wearing it from head to toe.


Although the hottest models of the moment like the Hadid sisters and Kendall Jenner have joined the trend of wearing retro sportswear, Mel C. was one of the first women to wear Adidas tracksuits, making it a popular sportswear combo.

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@adidasoriginals @daniellecathari #adidas_ambassador

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Slip Dress

Victoria Beckham has always been characterized by a classic and sophisticated style, showing that less is more with delicate dresses in silk. Even long before women started wearing nighties over a white T-shirt, Posh Spice wore an impressive neon pink satin slip dress to the 2000 Vogue Fashion Awards. Paired with matching neon strappy heels, this is a look that you can now see in Selena Gomez’s recent music performances.


Platforms were often worn by a few of the Spice Girls, mainly Mel B. and Emma. Now, the fashion item has again been revived by
Stella McCartney, who added them to her collection a couple of years ago.

Tiny sunglasses

If you thought that “It Girls” such as Millie Bobby Brown, Kendall Jenner, or Cara Delevigne were the first to use this accessory, you are very wrong. Twenty years ago, Victoria Beckham put this fashion trend in the spotlight. Geri also famously wore a pair in the “Spice World” movie.
Tiny sunglasses are huge in 2018, so once again the Spice Girls were well ahead of their time.

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oh what a thing to do, and it was all yellow

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Bikinis as tops

The now designer and businesswoman, Victoria Beckham, was rocking this trend during her performances with the hit-making pop group. She even embraced the full bronze suit and bra look with aplomb — a much classier way to rock a bikini top than by wearing one
paired with denim shorts to Coachella, no doubt.

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new @voguejapan 🖤🖤 @luigiandiango

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English Pride

Back in the 90s, it seemed like everybody wore the flag of England on a mini dress because Geri Halliwell wore one at a concert. Another way to showcase your pride was with soccer jerseys, like the ones that Mel C. used to wear.

Daddy Sneakers

An extension of the athleisure trend that’s rocking the world, thanks to the amazing and chunky Balenciaga version, has become a go-to in street style. Let’s not forget that Mel C. wore chunky sneakers on the daily, thanks to her Sporty Spice persona.

Do you still wear any of these trends? Let us know! Sound off in the comments.


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