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A Rebirth of Costa Rica: The Newest Luxury Destination

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VIVA GLAM Takes an Adventure with WE R CR Hospitality Collection and HRG Real Estate Group

In the 1960’s, Costa Rica was known as a surfing destination where packing included one backpack, a surfboard and yourself. Accommodations might be a hostel for $10.00 a night or simply sleeping on the beach. But now, Costa Rica is known as a high end, luxury travel destination and is one of the most popular spots in the world. With its eco-friendly tourism, dense tropical jungles, nightlife, surfing, museums, shopping and fine dining, Costa Rica has just about everything to offer the discerning traveler. So, with luxury in mind, VIVA GLAM had the opportunity to travel to this unique, exotic destination and spent a week exploring all that Costa Rica has to offer.

Our first destination was Los Suenos, which is located a quick, one hour drive from San Jose, the country’s capital. We drove through lush, dense tropical forest as we made our way to Los Suenos. We passed tourist favorite, Jaco Beach, which is known for its party-like atmosphere, nightclubs and friendly locals.
And we travelled over “Crocodile Bridge” which is a tourist favorite as several large crocodiles loom underneath and call this bridge home.

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Within an hour we were in gorgeous Los Suenos.
We were warmly greeted by the president of CJONES & CO and WE R CR Hospitality Collection, Cristina Jones.
CJONES & CO. is a premiere lifestyle PR agency that focuses on luxury hospitality. Cristina has over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry; our stay at the Los Suenos Resort and Villas was an experience we will never forget because of Christina and her attentive staff.
In fact, we were greeted by lovely gift baskets that contained fresh, local fruit, dark chocolate and rich coffee!

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Our condominium, courtesy of HRG Real Estate Group, was situated in the heart of the Los Suenos Resort.
Michael Hardy, owner of HRG Real Estate Group, explained to us this exclusive community is within walking distance of the Beach Club as well as the marina, shops, restaurants and bars. As we walked into our condominium, we immediately noticed the high ceilings and lovely terrace that offered an ocean view as well as a view of the rainforest.
We also had a state-of-the-art, gourmet kitchen!
A local grocery store was only a few blocks down the road, so we had the opportunity to cook at home if we wished. Our condo had 3 roomy bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living/dining area and beautiful décor.
This was definitely a taste of heaven!

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Cristina explained to us that Costa Rica has so much to offer in the way of tourism. Visitors come from all over the world to sky dive, zip line over the cloud forest, explore the jungles, snorkel and dive, horseback ride, go on a sunset cruise, golf, bike, rappel, paddle board, experience white water rafting, go to a futbol game, whale watching and so much more!

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With so much at our fingertips, we decided to rest and then head to the local harbor for dinner. Our first meal consisted of traditional Costa Rican cuisine that included black beans, rice and succulent plantain bananas. We also marveled at the array of fresh fruits that were always available to us. Fresh papaya, mango, watermelon, grapes, strawberries, coconut and cantaloupe were delivered to us each morning by the CJONES & CO staff.

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The Los Suenos Resort and Villas is the epitome of luxury and an absolute spectacular property. Nestled in a gorgeous setting, it is both safe and peaceful. The Marina is within walking distance and features high-end restaurants and shops.
Golf is also available and we had a pool and Jacuzzi in our condo. We marveled at the colorful macaws that flew by in pairs and iguanas that calmly sunned themselves in the grass.

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We also shot at a Tuscan Villa that is located at the Los Suenos Resort and Villas, Marina Vista Villa, Casa La Joya. This gorgeous vacation mansion is reminiscent of an old Italian seaside villa. And with views of the marina, sailboats and yachts, this is a vacation home incomparable to no other. An arched doorway leads to 5 bedrooms and bricked ceilings. There is crafted stonework throughout the villa. Hand woven carpets color each room beautifully. Each bedroom features an en suite bath, each with a roomy tub and a private outdoor balcony.
Casa La Joya also features an indoor wine cellar and impressive gourmet open concept kitchen that looks over the formal dining and living areas.

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A traditional courtyard with fountain is at the front of this high-end property.
And a special feature at the Tuscan Villa is a separate bedroom located in a tower.
This fairy tale villa transports you instantly to Italy with its rustic charm and is yet luxurious with an infinity pool that overlooks the yachts in the marina.

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