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Founded in the summer of 2012, VIVA GLAM is a multi-media platform which includes a website, print magazine, social networks, and self-produced docu-series, “The 90s Girl”. The company provides information and encouragement to help our global audience further their desire to live an ethical and glamorous lifestyle without sacrificing quality or luxury.

Through our platform, VIVA GLAM magazine highlights companies who with their products and services make strides towards ethical living. Additionally, we urge companies to actively contribute to sustainable business practices that respect the Earth and the environment.

We believe that no living being should solely exist as a source for fashion or food. Therefore, living with positive influence and effect on the world, we believe we become a part of the solution.


Behind the GLAM

GLAMOUR is the quality of being fascinating, thrilling, alluring, and charming. There is a mystique behind it, a certain perception of strength and power. But Glamour is more than just attractive looks .Æ it’s a style that makes one stand out. Glamour is a fantasy escape for both, men and women.

With VIVA we celebrate the feminine mystique, along side the beauty, allure, and unreal charm – the GLAM.

This fun, uplifting, and high-quality publication only promotes a cruelty-free, conscience, and ethical lifestyle.

VIVA GLAM magazine is where glamour meets compassion, and we are here to influence the world. one woman, one page at a time.

About Katarina Van Derham, CEO & Founder

With a background in the entertainment industry, Katarina has gained experience in every aspect of media and show business. As a beauty expert, she
has worked with dozens of Hollywood celebrities and is often a judge to model searches and beauty pageants around the world.

Katarina has appeared on the cover of over 60 magazines worldwide and has been profiled on over 600 major media outlets including The Times Square jumbotron, CNN, FOX, and NBC.
has done 17 national and international television commercials such as Nike, Dodge Ram, and Coors Light. Most recently, she played the role of Captain Cheryl Stillwood in the movie Unbelievable!!!!!

One of the things Katarina is most passionate about is being a vegan.
In fact, she has led a plant-based lifestyle for over 20 years.
Katarina believes that everything is energy and that compassionate living affects us all on a spiritual, mental, and physical level.

She’s an advocate of a luxury lifestyle because she believes you shouldn’t have to sacrifice the quality of your life by being vegan. She is also a strong supporter of PETA, Peace for Animals, SCIL in addition to the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation.


Watch “The 90s Girl!”

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