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Afraid of Wearing Yellow? Learn How to Rock This Bold Color!

Are you up for wearing this bold color?

The color yellow is often avoided due to its intensity. Although it is usually associated with fortune and good luck, people usually prefer to make outfit combinations than to wear a monochromatic look. So here are some tips so you overcome your fear of using this beautiful color.

What Does the Color Yellow Convey?

First things first, you need to know the wonderful messages behind this color. Colors are usually one of the most important and delicate things to use, since according to studies they are part of non-verbal language. Being the color of the sun, wearing this color tends to generate positive sensations and energy, since it reminds you of the first hours of the day. That is why it is one of the most used colors in food advertising.

Yellow is also associated with communication. In fact, many experts in speech and communication, recommend integrating it in both presentations and in your look. The reason? It facilitates the proper expression of ideas, analytical reasoning, and memory.

How to Wear the Color Yellow

Now that you are all caught up in that, it’s time to start wearing it. The first thing you should do is forget about your fear; if you put together the right clothes and tones for your skin color, you will look modern, elegant, bold, and fashionable.

The best way to add yellow into your wardrobe is to combine it with a neutral color
(white, black, gray). It also pairs well with blue and purple. The warmer shades of yellow pair well with warm tones such as winter burgundy, red, pink, and gold.

If you have a fair skin tone or a dark brown skin tone, look for brighter shades to pop against your skin. If you have olive undertones, warm tones will make you stand out in a crowd!

Ready to try yellow? Tag us in a photo on Instagram and let us see how you style your chosen shade of yellow!


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