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Amazon Will Soon Launch an Indie Beauty Shop

Amazon is launching a new shop in its Marketplace!

The face of beauty has changed within the past few years when it comes to cosmetic brands.
Many customers are not as focused on giant commercial beauty brands and are instead paying attention to smaller indie companies.

And these smaller, indie brands desire the opportunity to be placed in front of a larger, mass audience. How are they seeking to do this? Amazon!


Next month, Amazon is going to introduce within its Marketplace an Indie Beauty Shop. This arena will give smaller indie brands an opportunity to sell directly to a large consumer audience. Included will be skincare, cosmetics, and men’s lines. The companies included will be both domestic and international.

Basically, brands that are at least 50% independently owned and not available at major retailers are eligible. Major retailers can include stores like Target, Walmart, and Ulta Beauty.


Amazon also has another division available on the site, Amazon Luxury Beauty. This section offers high end luxury beauty products from brands such as Elizabeth Arden, Ahava, Clarisonic, Burberry, Oribe, Philosophy, and Smith & Cult, to name a few. Beauty brands will be allowed in both divisions, Amazon Luxury Beauty, and the upcoming Indie Beauty Shop.

Amazon will take 15% of the sales from the Marketplace brands, and these brands will pay a monthly fee of $39.99. Brands featured can handle fulfillment or they can have Amazon handle the fulfillment through the Fulfillment by Amazon program. This offers two-day shipping to more than 100 million Prime Members.


What else is new for Amazon when it comes to beauty? It is currently working on sampling initiatives that will be accessible to indie beauty brands. These beauty brands can provide samples that will be sent to influencers who will sample them. Then, they will blog about their experience with the brand and share it on their social media.

In addition, another way to get indie beauty samples to the public is via the Amazon Treasure Truck. This truck travels with trending items and customers will be notified when the truck is in their area.


Also, Amazon is looking into an Amazon Campus program that will offer free, same-day pickup and returns for Prime members who are on college campuses.

With so much new coming up on Amazon’s Marketplace, which venue will be right for YOU?



You Can Now Get Beauty Samples from Amazon!

Amazon Will Soon Launch an Indie Beauty Shop



Amazon Will Soon Launch an Indie Beauty Shop

Amazon Will Soon Launch an Indie Beauty Shop

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