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Angelique Fawcette Talks About the Making of “Unbelievable!!!!!”

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Actor and Producer Angelique Fawcette Talks About How She Turned Her Dreams Into a Movie!

Until recently, most of the influential creators in Hollywood were men. In fact, there was a dearth of gender and race diversity on both sides of the camera. However, today’s list of accomplished women artists in Hollywood is increasing in size. One talented and powerful woman to join the ranks of Hollywood’s elite is producer and actress Angelique Fawcette.

Born and raised in California, Angelique co-owns Archangel Films LA alongside her husband, writer, director, and executive producer, Steven L. Fawcette.

VIVA GLAM had the opportunity to speak with Angelique after the premiere of her latest film, “Unbelievable!!!!!” This film features 40 previous and iconic Star Trek actors in a sci-fi spoof that also stars entertainment icon Snoop Dogg and actor Michael Madsen.

The first thing we noticed upon meeting Angelique is the positive energy she emits. After hugging us at the door of her home, we were whisked into the kitchen where she had prepared a healthy breakfast for us. She offered us green tea and an antioxidant green juice that she swears by. She also chants and meditates each morning. Angelique lights up any room that she enters with kilowatt energy, and you understand immediately that she fills her life with positivity.

She and her husband, Steven, met when she was a reader at an audition. She knew they were attracted to each other and had a lot to talk about. She went on to say, “We both felt that there was something going on with our lives together. I believe in past lives. I’m Buddhist and Christian and we both agreed there are certain things we are meant to do together. That became very clear to us with the film.” Steve asked her to produce “Unbelievable!!!!!” She had hesitation until she saw vendors trying to cheat him so she stepped in to make certain he got fair prices.

Angelique is a woman who gives only 100 percent, and she did this while producing “Unbelievable!!!!!” She went on to tell us, “I feel in life if you just go for mediocre and just go for 75 percent, you are wasting your life and your time. You should go for the biggest thing you can possibly do. And if you have a dream you want to accomplish, go get it because usually you will be helping other people and you will better the world in some shape or form. So, go for it! I call dreams “realities” but a lot of people will just call them dreams.”

Working on a film for several years can be challenging. We wondered about a husband and wife both working together while married. Did creating “Unbelievable!!!!!” together cause any stress to their marriage? She said that the film did test their marriage. She confided to us that you have to be careful not to integrate your work into who you are as a husband and wife. She told us, “We lived and breathed it. We would dream the movie. He would wake up in the middle of the night and say that he wanted to do this or that! You have to know when to pull back and say we are married. And we needed to separate things. I’m grateful we still love each other and we are happy at this point where we can finally breathe a bit. I think our marriage is strong. I also have to stay humble with that because you never know what you can be challenged with in the future.”

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Angelique on set of “Unbelieveable!!!!”

Fawcette is very well spoken for a woman who has experienced a lot of challenges in life and has overcome negativity while being a woman in Hollywood. She said she had plenty of men tell her she wouldn’t get “Unbelievable!!!!!” made. Angelique boldly stated, “I said right to their faces, .≤yes, I will.’ And I looked them right in the eyes. They never forgot me. I believe you should ever tell anyone that because you just don’t know an individual’s personal journey. And you don’t know what God or the Universe has in plan for them. We had a lot of people that were jealous and resentful because we were actually doing it. You would think people would be happy because you are doing something! My husband and I are happy when other people get their stuff done. You keep moving up the ladder together.”

And indeed she and Steven were very aware of the people that worked with them on the film. In the spirit of moving up the ladder together, they went out of their way to make certain each cast and crew member was happy to come to work each day. This is simply who Angelique is; she will undoubtedly go out of her way for you. She told us, “I wanted to brand our company as a company that cares. For me, you should not be going to work if you are not enjoying it. If you are going to work and not liking it, it is time to do something on your own or move to a company that loves you. I really wanted all of our people to know they were going to have a beautiful day. Their rooms were going to be nice. If the crew needed water immediately, I or someone else would get it for them right away. We made certain the food was great. My husband surprised me toward Christmas as we were able to pay the crew a bonus and that just doesn’t happen in the industry. It wasn’t a lot, but as people came to pick up their pay, they opened their card and they were all happy! My husband is that type of person.” And this is the type of person Angelique is as well.

How does she maintain such a positive outlook on life? She said that at around the age of 33, she knew there had to be something else in life. She said, “I was not quite hitting it. I wanted to find it and was searching and searching. I had mantra teachers. Eventually, my neighbor introduced me to Abraham Hicks (Publications). It is basically a husband and wife team, Esther and Jerry Hicks.
It was one of the clearest messages I’ve heard in regards to life: letting go of things that don’t matter. And this was my first step in understanding The Law of Attraction more than I ever could have before.
The books, talks and recordings are very clear and helped me to get on the right track. I do my meditation and work to bring into my life what I want. Thought is huge. Watch your thoughts. It is what you think that can control what does or does not come into your life.”

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