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When it is the Appropriate Age to Wear Miniskirts?

We’re addressing a really tough issue here and we might not give the answer you like, but bear with us for a moment. What is the right age for your daughter to start wearing miniskirts? Is there an appropriate age? Before we can really answer the question, it will be important for us to talk about the ‘value’ that society has placed on a woman’s body.

The Female Form and You

The subject matter here is difficult but we’re going to come out and say it: the female form is sexualized whether people want to admit it or not. If you look at school policies, you will probably notice that most of the dress codes are geared toward girls rather than boys, especially when it comes to clothing that exposes shoulders, or in some cases even knees. This fallacy in the system is one that we will have to discuss another time, and that will be an interesting day for sure. That being said, adhering to school dress codes is an unfortunate fixed constant, and your child must keep that in mind before she wears any article of clothing.

Determining the Right Time

In the previous paragraph we mentioned the objectification of the female body and you need to understand that it comes from far more than just schools; it also comes strongly from society, and for that reason we believe that it is important to shield our children from this as much as possible while making them aware of the potential risks that come with dressing in such a manner.

Now, with all of that being said, we want to make sure you understand that we aren’t disavowing your daughter’s right to dress in whatever manner she wishes, we’re simply saying that the social climate can be dangerous at the moment. So when should she be wearing a miniskirt? Honestly, if our opinion is to be taken seriously, then we would say that you might start by having her wear longer skirts, and then have her work her way up over the years. In the end, we would recommend that the miniskirt come into play around the age of sixteen or seventeen, when she is closer to adulthood and is well educated on the dangers of society and ready to make her own way.

Once she is ready to try out miniskirts for herself, the good news is that there are plenty of different types! Miniskirts are a great way to experiment with both fashion and individuality, so make sure she has plenty of them when the time comes. During warm weather, they’re all the rage.

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