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Are YOU Making These Dating Mistakes?

What are the three dating mistakes that are keeping YOU single?
If you are in the dating scene and wondering why you are still single, there might be a few mistakes you’re making without even knowing it! By making these mistakes, you’re lessening your chances of finding true love.

According to matchmaker, Louanne Ward, there are three key things that could be big mistakes that you are repeatedly doing on dates. These can prevent you from finding a good relationship, and they are not necessarily what you think they are. They don’t have to do with your looks, finances, or home that you live in. So what are they?

Ward says you should always go on a second date no matter what. She believes that if you tend to be picky on the first date that can be a huge mistake. While many of us will want to nix a potential candidate after one date, she suggests going on two or three before deciding they are not for you.  She said, “When you write someone off too soon, you forget to see them for who they really are.  You connect with somebody, you set up a 20 minute coffee date, you say, ‘not for me, next’, and off you go.  You will continue going through this cycle if you don’t look past your physical attraction with somebody.”  Instead, she says it is important to know someone by their “head, heart, and soul”.

And she also said to not concentrate on finding physical attraction and chemistry right away. She explained, “Physical attraction and chemistry only really happen when both people feel exactly the same way at exactly the same time-rare. If you’re holding out for that, you’re going to be holding out for a really long time. The fantasy that someone is going to fulfill everything that you’re looking for-that’s in your mind.”

Another mistake she says women make is juggling different people at once. She believes it is better to date only one person at a time. By dating several people at once, she said you will reduce your success rate.  She explained, “Get to know one person at a time, because your energy and the energy you put into something will only flow where your energy goes. If you put your energy in multiple people, you’ve got small bits of energy going into multiple people, not your full concentrated energy into one person.”

The third mistake that Ward finds women making is appearing too needy or enthusiastic after a few dates. She warns against this even though you are focusing your energy on only one person. She said, “It’s great to be yourself and be real and authentic, but when you come across too full-on too soon you can actually have the adverse effect. Everybody loves your enthusiasm and your compliments and putting your best foot forward, but make sure you don’t come across as someone that’s needy, desperate and clingy.”

What does Ward advise instead? She said, “Don’t be in a rush and get to know the person. And be in control of your emotions.”

She also said that there is no point in dating if you are making these mistakes. Great words of advice!

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