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Aussie Style: How to Achieve Their Sophisticated Simplicity

Some of the first things that cross our mind when we think about Australia are usually their sandy beaches, azure seas, and all those gorgeous, sun-kissed people who always seem to be in a great mood. Well, that and Hugh Jackman’s sexy, sculpted body (Aussies are very proud of their Wolverine).

So, how do Australian women do it? How come you need to spend three hours getting ready for a night out, while they can just slip on a random frock, give a lazy smile, and instantly turn heads and charm everyone in their vicinity? Well, keep scrolling and we’ll tell you!

They don’t take fashion too seriously

Don’t get us wrong, Aussies love fashion. However, their approach is unique because they don’t pay too much attention to specific rules, and they really hate being boring. Having fun with your fashion is the primary idea, so take this philosophy and stop worrying so much about matching things perfectly and copying the exact trend you see in a magazine. Take what’s popular and give it a personal tone.

Bright, bold colors and light, breathable materials are Aussie trademarks, so go for comfort and style. You don’t need to squeeze your body into a tight dress and keep sucking in your stomach for the rest of the night. Forget that! Wear a comfy red dress and accessorize with a pair of chunky earrings. For a night out, wear a flowy, Greek-goddess-styled dress and a pair of light leather sandals. Just take ideas and give them your own twist .¨ fashion is there for you, not the other way around.

Healthy skin before all

Australians are kind of using a cheat here because healthy skin is easy for them to accomplish. That salty sea water they’re surrounded by? Yeah, that stuff is borderline magic for problematic skin. They can just go take a dip whenever they want and all the acne and red bumps start slowly healing. However, you can totally use this hack; you just need to make your own sea salt cleanser.

Here are a few tips on how you can use sea salt on acne-prone skin. Tea tree oil has excellent antibacterial properties which can help dry out your acne. Kaolin clay is also frequently used in both makeup and skincare products due to its mattifying effect.

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A natural makeup look

Australia is a pretty hot country, even in winter, so wearing ten layers of foundation and concealer tends to make one look like their skin is melting off. That’s why Aussie girls love rocking the “no makeup” makeup look – BB and CC creams instead of foundation, tinted lip balm, some mascara, and they’re on their way!

To give it a bit more oomph, they’ll wear falsies because there’s no faster way to make your eyes look gorgeous and give your makeup a touch of glam. If you don’t like the fuss of having to glue them on your eyelids in the morning, a better, more natural-looking solution would be eyelash extensions. Quality extensions like synthetic ones from Sydney Eyelashes or cruelty-free lashes by KatLash hare becoming popular because they reduce the need for wearing a lot of makeup. You don’t need mascara or falsies; you don’t really need eyeliner either. Having two sets of long, silky lashes just makes your eyes look wide awake and beautiful, and you’re bound to look amazing even without a shred of makeup.

Sexy, laid-back hairstyles

That beautiful messy, voluminous look doesn’t have to come only after spending an hour at the salon. With a few bobby pins, hairspray, and an elastic band you can accomplish a ton of quick, easy hairdos that you can rock in the summer. Twist your hair into a bun at the top of your head, secure with an elastic band and bobby pins, and then go to sleep. In the morning, spray the bun with some hairspray, then let loose and comb through it with your fingers .¨ instant sexy, messy curls.

Aussie beauty is all about enhancing our natural features and making makeup and fashion work for us in unique ways. No need to stress about getting everything right all the time, just relax and enjoy your own creative ideas.



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