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Beauty 101: How to Choose the Right Lipstick Shade for Your Skin Tone

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Lipsticks are meant to bring out your beautiful lips, so you should never be afraid to use bold colors.

The number of cosmetics that are available today is bewildering, especially when it comes to lipsticks. Each year, we are presented with new colors, nuances and subtle tones, finding it more and more difficult to make a particular choice.

Finding the right shade is a more intricate process than you might think.

#1 Know your skin tone

The first thing that you want to do is determine your actual skin tone. Skin tones can range from fair to deep, sometimes accompanied by freckles with lighter shades. Keep in mind that your skin tone also determines how much time you can spend in the sun, without getting burned, and that your skin tone changes throughout the year. (In the summer, you can be up to two shades darker.)

#2 Shades for your complexion

Fair-skinned women benefit the most from using light shades of lipstick, such as peach, coral, or pink. On the other hand, if your skin is a little bit darker, you will want to go with red nuances of lipstick. Tanned skin benefits from light shades as well, as it creates a beautiful contrast (pink, coral etc.). The dark or dull complexions looks wonderful with brown or purple shades of lipstick.

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Shade: Sazerac | $19.10

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