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Behind the Scenes of Sayulita, Mexico – Day 1

This week, the VIVA GLAM Dream Team travelled to Sayulita, Mexico to shoot an editorial at the beautiful Serene Sayulita beach house! On day one of our journey, we traveled from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta by plane. Then, we drove a short distance from Puerto Vallarta to the small, charming town of Sayulita. Sayulita is a small fishing and coconut community that sits on the Bay of Banderas in the northern state of Nayarit. With a population of only 7,000 inhabitants, Sayulita was the perfect location for us to shoot a tropical destination editorial. With us was editor-in-chief, Katarina Van Derham, photographer Deja Jordan, model Karolina Chomistekova and her father Daniel, model Douglas Jeffery and managing editor Candace Kita.

Since we are a family business, Karolina invited her father as it was always his life long dream to visit Mexico. They flew all the way from Slovakia to location! In fact, it took them over 22 hours to fly here!

On our first day in Sayulita, the weather was perfect, a balmy 78 degrees and sunny. And we took advantage of this fact by shooting Douglas outside and by our infinity pool and Jacuzzi. We also shot at the beach in Sayulita amidst the large rocks, friendly hermit crabs and swaying palm trees. Later in the day, we drove into town to location scout for the next day. We found Sayulita to be a delightful little village that looked like it was straight out of a romance novel. In fact, it reminded us of Jurassic Park driving down into town through the rich, dense jungle.
And we were reminded of Romancing the Stone while in the town square!

We walked the small, narrow cobblestone streets while looking at local coffee shops, restaurants and markets displaying local produce such as guava, pineapple and loquat fruit.
After a few hours in town, we drove back to Sayulita Serena through an ancient cemetery that displayed relics and religious tokens. During this time, we saw an exotic Chachalaca sitting in the tree above us! A Chachalaca is a species of bird found only in Mexico. Looking like a cross between a turkey and small peacock, it was quite a site to see!

At the end of the day, we ate dinner that consisted of home made pizzas, black beans, Spanish rice, salads, flan and plenty of good red wine!
But, much to our surprise, it began to down pour. A tropical thunderstorm became the entertainment for the evening as we ate under an open palapa.

As we laid our heads on our pillows that evening, we were lulled to sleep by the sound of gentle rain on our windows.
And we wondered, “What will tomorrow bring?” These were our last thoughts before falling into a sound, comforting sleep deep in the jungles of Sayulita, Mexico.

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A special thank you to Wolf Worster & Associates and 41 Sets for making our trip possible and a special event to remember!

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