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Best DIY Face Masks to Soothe Dry Winter Skin

*sigh* It’s getting harder and harder to deny that winter is here. The colder weather can be great, sure. Snow is beautiful, we can finally rock our latest flashy coat, and it’s an excuse to drink hot chocolate day in and day out. Yet, despite all the fun that comes with it, we can’t help but hate winter skin.

The freezing cold doesn’t just freeze our toes and noses, it seems our skin can suffer the most at the hands of the cold. Winter skin equals dryness, tightness, and a general congested feel. It’s a struggle. Winter is all about piling on the hydration to soothe your dry winter skin. That’s why we’re sharing the best DIY face masks we swear by to keep our winter skin as hydrated as we can!

For Oily Skin Types

You may think that just because someone has oily skin, they never have to deal with any dryness, but the truth is that oily skin simply reacts to winter in a different way. Dehydration is often grouped with dryness but the two can mean very different things.

Oily skin may seem to glow and get oily during winter, but that doesn’t mean that the skin isn’t dehydrated. The cold and dry weather takes a toll on all skin types, so we’ve found a recipe that works to specifically target oily skin.

1 Banana

1 Tbsp Mashed Avocado

1 Tsp Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice

Mix the ingredients and apply this mask to your skin for 20 minutes before rinsing off. Banana is known to be an ingredient that can help cure breakouts, and that is because of its ability to soak up excess oil. Using banana in this mask can help balance your skin’s oil production and keep it from overproducing oil during the colder months. The avocado works to nourish and hydrate your skin. We also threw in some orange juice to help increase radiance and keep your skin glowing throughout the winter!

For Normal Skin Types

There tends to be a misconception that normal skin types face zero issues. Well, the truth is that normal skin can also react to changes in weather and it definitely gets the same winter skin as any other types. Normal skin types may find that their skin is getting dry patches in certain areas and is generally feeling rougher than usual. Here’s a quick an easy mask to keep your winter skin hydrated.

(Equal parts)

Aloe Vera Gel


We find it’s best to use aloe vera gel straight from the plant- aloe vera plants can generally be found at a whole foods or any organic supermarket. For the cucumber, peel it first and then begin to mash it up with a fork or in a blender. Mix the two components together and apply for as long as you’d like!

Cucumber is typically used to cool skin, which is hardly what we want during winter! However, what it also does it soothe and hydrate. Mixed with the amazing qualities of aloe vera, this mask is all you’ll need to keep your skin soft and smooth, as well as hydrated. We also find that the aloe vera can help with breakouts!

For Dry Skin Types

Ah, the type that has it the hardest. Dry skin is an issue all year round for this skin type, so you can only imagine what dry winter skin can look like. Not only is your skin dried out by the harsh weather, but it is often left feeling raw and peeling. The struggle is real, and dry skin types really need to take their skincare seriously during winter. Here’s a simple face mask that can soothe as well as hydrate.

(Equal parts)

Soy Yogurt


100% Natural Rose Water

This concoction is your new life saver! Make this mask in bulk, we can guarantee you’ll use it twice weekly. Just mix the ingredients together and leave this mask on for as long as you’d like. The three ingredients work together the both soothe and hydrate your skin. After using this mask your skin is guaranteed to feel and look a million times better. The rose water is really the miracle worker here!

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