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These Are the Best Eyeshadow Shades for Your Eye Color

Glam girls loves to mesmerize with their eyes.

We like to immediately capture everyone’s attention with just one stare. One way to do that is to wear the best eyeshadow for your eye color. These are your most flattering shades if you want to make your eyes pop!

Brown Eyes

Pair perfectly with brown, golden, and reddish warm colors.

Use Ecco Bella‘s eyeshadow shades: Mauve, Sapphire, Taupe, Earth, and Eggplant.

Blue Eyes

Light and neutral tones compliment your eye color the best.

Use Ecco Bella‘s eyeshadow shades: Vanilla, Sun, Star, Galaxy, and Clay.

Green Eyes

To provide contrast, use light tones and shades of purples and pink.

Use Ecco Bella‘s eyeshadow shades: Mauve, Moon, Celestial, Khaki, and Fawn.

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