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Brianne’s Favorite Oils that You Need to Add to Your Beauty Routine

Facial oils…is this a trend or here to stay? Cleopatra used oils to enhance her beauty in the harsh desert conditions. Makeup artists and skincare experts have been using them for years. How did this stay a secret for so long? Were beauty editors or Americans too quick to assume that we didn’t need any more oils on our face? When we’re always grabbing for blotting sheets, why would we want to add more, right? Well, facial oils are a lot different than the oils you’re blotting away. Here’s why…

Facial oils are absorbed quickly into the skin, leaving your skin moisturized and with a romantic glow instead of an oily appearance. The proper application time would be
immediately after toner and before your moisturizer allowing for the best absorption.

If your skin is already prone to being oily, start off with small amount of oil to see how your skin reacts and absorbs. But for the most part, your skin should readily accept oils and your face will never look or feel more moisturized. You’ll be left with a natural gorgeous glow that
you will no longer need to try to recreate with makeup.

Here are some of our new favorite brands that you may want to order from immediately.


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