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Can 3D Printed Skin End Cosmetic Testing on Animals?

Will synthetic 3D printed skin actually help eliminate the need for animal testing?

Artificial human skin just might be the answer to end the need for
testing on animals. Soon, cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies can test their products on synthetic, 3D printed skin rather than on animals!


Scientists have created a 3D bioprinter that produces artificial
skin remarkably similar to real skin. This new technology may also be beneficial to burn victims in need of skin grafts. And it
may also provide a low- cost alternative to traditional animal testing for cosmetics.


Cosmetic testing on animals can cause skin and eye irritation with no pain relief. And after the
animals are used, they are typically killed by neck-breaking, decapitation or asphyxiation.


In order to find a cruelty-free option, cosmetic giant, L’Oreal partnered with bio-engineering company Organovo in 2015 to create their own version of 3-D skin in order to eliminate the need for animal testing.


This new technology is paving the way for innovative and humane ways to test cosmetics without the need of animals!


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Photo by Mike Birdy



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