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Chris Hemsworth Will Make Your Toes Curl!

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Chris Hemsworth is hot and SEXY and here’s why!

Ever since he first appeared on our radar as Thor, women all over the world have been dreaming about Chris Hemsworth.
Why? He’s the perfect male specimen! Tall, muscular, blonde and with that square jaw of his, women faint at the sight of him! But what also makes him so lovable is his sense of humor.
He’s an affable and approachable guy who isn’t intimidating. Chris loves to surf and hang out with his family.
He reminds you of the most popular guy in high school who is also down-to-earth and humble.

So, let’s take a look at some of Chris’ best looks! We bet you can’t just look at one!

Chris looks stunning at the Golden Globe Awards in a dark paisley suit!

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