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What Colour Palettes Fashion Designers Will Choose This Season?

Although Pantone mostly influences the interior design trends, it is obvious that fashion and design world began to also rely on its colour prediction. Not just that, they are starting to release entire collections based on those predictions.


It is already a well known fact that street style brands such as Forcast, Zara, Mango, and Top Shop rely on them big time, but what about the great names? How big is the Pantone’s influence when it comes to Prada, Gucci, Valentino etc.? Let’s find out.


How colours affect us anyway


You have probably read dozens of different articles which tell you how does each colour affect your mood or your physical state. It is true, warm colours like red, orange or yellow are considered high-arousal sunny-fire colours, while cold ones like blue, green or purple are considered low-arousal. On the other hand, the real meaning and psychological association of any colour is actually much more meaningful than just that visual experience we are having.
Our biggest concern when we get ready for work is: what am I going to wear? We need to adjust to the weather, the occasion and also to match the colours correctly. We basically base our entire appearance, interior etc. by the choice of colours.


color palettes pantone 2016 fall colours



Executive director of Pantone Colour institute, Leatrice Eiseman, once said that it is important to look at things and ask yourself would people say: .ªI love this colour. I need to have this right now.” Of course, you can’t please everyone, but adding something different sometimes and spicing it up a little bit is always a good idea. Especially if you are a designer.


Pantone 2016


As you already know, for the fall 2016 Pantone have released its FALL 2016. colour report which contained 10 colours. This time they were:


color palettes pantone fall 2016 blue grey


  • 17-4028 Riverside .¨ it was used as an inspiration for Lela Rose, Don O’Neill, Angela Taylor George and Marcia Patmos


  • 14-4122 Airy blue .¨ it inspired Nicole Miller, Yoana Baraschi, Shaika Noor Al Khalifa designs and many Gigi Hadid’s outfits this fall


  • 17-3914 Sharkskin .¨ this colour inspired Taoray Wang, Christopher and Nicholad Kunz, Peter Trainor & Anne Marie Maniego and Bree Telford



color palettes pantone fall 2016 taupe red maroon


  • 18-1550 Aurora red .¨ it was used as an inspiration for Christian Siriano in his fall 2016 collection and Bibhu Mohapatra


  • 16-1318 Warm Taupe .¨ this wonderful neutral inspired Iris Von Arnim and her fall 2016 collection


  • 18-1630 Dusty Cedar .¨ it appears in Rachel Pally’s colourful designs



color palettes pantone fall 2016 yellow green


  • 18-5845 Lush Meadow .¨ it inspired Tadashi Shoji to design that outstanding Hunter Green and Pirate black faux fur jacket


  • 14-0952 Spicy mustard .¨ this naughty colour inspired Charles Borg and Ron van Maarschalkerweerd



color palettes pantone fall 2016 purple brown


  • 18-1340 Potter’s clay .¨ this mixture of brown and red inspired Katherine Kung’s long strapless dress


  • 17-3420 Bodacious .¨ this fabulous pink shade can be seen in Rubin Singer’s collections




From then on, we have seen these colours on all of the fashionable celebrities. This season, the dominant colours were blue ones like riverside and airy blue (which pair together perfectly .¨ what a coincidence), or neutrals like sharkskin gray and spicy mustard yellow and warm taupe.

These colours popped up against other warm pinkish and red colours. The main theme was stability and confidence which were expressed with these bold shades.


Pantone 2017


And of course, in order to keep its tradition, Pantone already released its colour report for top 10 spring 2017 colours, and as far as we concern, this will be the season of vitality, relaxation and some fabulous colours. This colour report looks like this:


color palettes pantone spring 2017







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