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6 Common Makeup Mistakes You Might Be Making

Whether you’re the person that only gets glammed up for special occasions or it’s one of your
daily routine, makeup is a major part of your style and there are some common mistakes. Sometimes, some of these could be ignored, but others won’t go unnoticed so easily. In order to have a great face at all times, avoid these typical mistakes when doing your makeup.

Using the wrong foundation

A few decades ago, this could have been a complicated task; but nowadays, with the wide variety that the market has to offer (Rihanna’s Fenty line has dozens of tones), choosing the foundation that matches your skin is quite simple. This is a problem that is more common for people with dark skin than for those that are paler. Besides the color, you should know whether to go for a creamy or drier option; this will depend on the type of your skin. If you have a complexion that is more susceptible to pimples or scars, then keep your skin away from the dry ones.


There are two common mistakes. First, the location: if you don’t want to look like a porcelain doll, then avoid the concentration of color on the center of the cheeks. Second, choose the right color: you have to understand that the main function for blush is to add a little life to your face, not to create contour. The ideal colors are roses and peaches for white skins, and darker pinks and bronzes for brown and dark skins.

Going Overboard with the Concealer

This is the favorite item for so many. This magic tool is meant to correct imperfections and get rid of the dreaded dark circles. Always look for the concealer tone that best matches your skin color. Keep in mind that you should never exaggerate by going with something too clear or almost white, because it will be noticed. Also, if you apply too much, you can accentuate expression lines; instead, apply small amounts with small touches, do not drag the applicator, and always apply in the form of brushstrokes.

A Dusty Face

Whether you’re using a compact or powder version, a translucent powder is the final finish after applying the foundation on your face, as well as to conceal the shine. Apply in small quantities and only once you’ve finished with your whole makeup.

Forgetting about your Eyebrows

The eyebrows are the frame of your face. If you prefer to paint them to give them a little definition, then go for natural tones and, of course, never use black. If you do it, it will harden your features a lot; a more suitable color would be a brown that carries some ash to tinge any reddish hue.

Not Using the Proper Tools and Brushes

Sometimes, you prefer to save money by not buying the proper brushes, but this comes with a price of its own. If you’re applying eyeshadow with the wrong brush, you could end up with an exaggerated finish. If it’s the cheeks, then the blush may end up giving more color to one place. Regardless, if you have already purchased your kit, do not forget to wash your tools and brushes every time they are used, as they keep accumulating the powder and makeup from previous uses and tend to collect bacteria, which will have a damaging effect on your skin.

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