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Do Your Spring Cleaning with Eco-Friendly Products by Full Circle Home

At Viva Glam, we’re all passionate about the environment and try to always use eco-friendly products, wear cruelty-free clothing and make-up, and try to keep to a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. While we’re more aware of the things we use on a daily basis, our cars, hand soap, clothes, sometimes we forget about the other necessities in our household. Have you ever thought about if your cleaning products were eco-friendly?

Two product lines that
we LOVE are
Full Circle Home
Goodbye Detergent. You can buy both of their products on their home website, Full Circle Home on
in-store at Williams-Sonoma, and Goodbye Detergent at Bed Bath and Beyond.

As someone who loves to keep a tidy and healthy home, I clean on a daily basis. Not my entire home, but at the least, I clean my dishes, wipe down dirty counters, and sweep up any mess I may have made….#klutz.

On on the next few pages, check out the products
that we would definitely recommend that you use in your household. Not only are they ALL eco-friendly, but they’re as chic as cleaning products can be and are efficiently-designed for easy storage.

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