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Dream Meditation: Do You Dare?

Imagine being in a dream and being completely aware that it is a dream, able to control circumstances around you, and lucid in your thoughts. Imagine waking up from that dream, remembering everything about it, and continuing with life in an intentionally focused state. How does this sound to you? Believe it or not, this type of dream meditation, called lucid dreaming, is something that you can work towards, but it takes time, practice, and a lot of meditation.

How Does Lucid Dreaming Work?

In a lucid dream, you’re able to enter a dream reality with no restrictions, no rules, no fears, and no inhibitions. Anything your mind can conceive, you are able to take part in. Without intentionally trying, many will enter into this lucid dream state a few times throughout their lives. However, they usually don’t stay “in it” very long since their realization that it’s a dream often startles them into the state of being awake, and then they can’t recall their dream.

Lucid Dreaming Can Be Controlled by Meditation?

That’s right. Meditation is a practice that is vital to learning the control it takes to induce, remain in, and recall lucid dreaming. Why? When you meditate -forcing your mind to quiet and focus on one thing only, pushing out intruding thoughts, sounds and emotions- you train your conscious mind to bypass the need for a reality check, and to focus on whatever may be happening at the time. The presence of mind that can be adapted in meditation penetrates many layers of the mind, where lucid dreaming occurs. Once you’ve mastered the skill of eliminating the distraction of reality, your dreaming universe becomes a playground.

How Can I Meditate to Train My Mind Toward Lucid Dreaming?

You must train your mind to eliminate the distraction of reality in a completely conscious (awake) state before you can expect it to do the same in a slumber. Do this by setting aside distraction: go into a quiet, dark room, and sit in front of a wall. If no noise in and of itself is a distraction, try putting in headphones with a single tone sound playing constantly in your ears. Sit comfortably so that pain isn’t a distraction, and sit close enough to the wall that it’s all you’re looking at.

Decide to focus and meditate on one single thing or thought, and call out and eliminate every other thought that enters your mind. Practice this for minutes at a time, and increase the time over practice up to hours. The discipline and strength it takes to keep your mind on one single track and away from the distraction of reality will bode well for you in being able to induce lucid dreaming in a sleep state.

If you’re curious, go ahead and give it a try!
You may just find that, after meditative practice, lucid dreaming is the paradise you’ve been waiting for.



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