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Earth-Friendly Beauty Brands That Reward You for Recycling

In the past, the fashion industry and cosmetic lines were really harsh to the environment. Leaving more than just footprints on a runway, the amount of raw material such as leather, fabric, non-recyclable packaging, and carbon emissions from factories and shipping facilities have made a lasting impression on the earth.

Luckily for us, various brands are not only becoming more eco-friendly, but are encouraging their customers to do the same with recycling rewards programs, allowing them to cash in on the remaining packaging of their fabulous beauty products!

Cash In Recyclable Fashion & Beauty Products

There are so many reasons to participate in your favorite cosmetic providers recycling program. Not just are we doing our part as eco-friendly make up junkies, but we can take advantage of the various perks and recycling rewards offered in-store. As so many beauty brands becoming more sensitive towards the ecosystem, they have begun creating fabulously-designed product packaging that has become easier to reuse or recycle; which is why we’re sure you have tons of potential rewards lying around.

Don’t throw away those out of date threads or empty makeup containers just yet! Here are some of the leading retail or eco-friendly makeup providers offering recycling reward programs.

H&M Offering 15% to Their Recycling Fashionistas!

So, you finally got over those ill-fitting bell bottoms and sagging turtleneck; good for you! Don’t be wasteful though as somewhere in the world is a long legged goddess who will turn those items into gold. Regardless of it being old, outdated, or worn, H&M allows you to drop off any brand clothing to their retail stores. In exchange, you’ll receive 15% off your next in-store purchase. They have a limit of two discount vouchers per customer.

Eileen Fisher’s Mail in Reward Program

Giving customers the chance to mail in their gently-used items, Eileen Fisher resales these items to support Women’s Programs worldwide. This is super convenient if you don’t live a reasonable distance to simply drop off items! For every donation, they send out a $5 Reward card for either in-store or online purchases as a thank you.

Kiehl’s Luxury Stamp Rewards

If you love sensational body products, then you’re a guaranteed fan of Kiehl’s lavish body products. With every recycled, full-sized Kiehl’s bottle you turn in, they reward you with a stamp on a store provided rewards card. Once you have received ten stamps, you can choose from any of their luxurious travel collection products as their way of encouraging you to continue to care for the environment.

Nature’s Gate

Natures Gate has aligned with several charitable organizations to help in their local community, and ensures the use of recyclable packaging to aid in the preservation of our environment. In addition to that, as a vegan organization they are entirely cruelty-free — giving you the peace of mind you need to shop with them. On top of being entirely eco-conscious, they make a pretty good product, too!

LUSH for Recycling

LUSH is one of the very few whose cosmetics doesn’t come with much packaging at all. Aside from their liquid or Gel products, which come in small recycled plastic pods. Bringing in at least five empty pods will result in a rejuvenating reward- they’ll gift you a free face mask!


We love ingenuity and Aveda Caps Recycling Program is one that is a little different than other programs. Taking the hard recyclables such as polypropylene plastic caps that normally come on your favorite hair care products, water bottles, and even laundry detergent caps, they grind them down into a reusable molds of caps to be used on future Aveda Products. While they might not offer anything in return, we listed them simply because they are an all-around cruelty-free and eco-friendly provider of cosmetic and skin care products at affordable prices, which make them just as rewarding!

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