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Eating right for YOU!

Four questions to ask yourself before your next bite

Four questions to ask yourself before your next bite

Eating right for YOU! There are so many different diets and belief systems, from Macrobiotics and Ayurvedic to Paleolithic and Blood type diets.

Living with an auto-immune disease I have studied almost every diet there is. I’ve done almost every cleanse and taken every extreme to healing myself. What I found is that what worked for others did not always work for me and vice versa. I have become my own guinea pig and figured out how my body responds to different foods. What may seem healthy for you may cause me inflammation or what may be good for me may cause others acne or digestive problems.

For example a friend of mine who grew up in what would be considered a very healthy lifestyle with lots of coconut water ,chicken and vegetarian dishes. He had dealt with major digestive issues his whole life. He was living on papaya enzymes and prayers that the pain would not come after every meal. I got him to find out his blood type and sure enough a lot of the foods that he grew up on and that are considered to be healthy were actually causing him a lot of digestive problems. Once he changed his diet and added foods more beneficial to his blood type he has had no issues and is off the papaya enzymes. He was a classic, easy case but my point is that you have to be your own doctor and find out what works for you. Coconut water and bananas are not for everyone. They can be too tropical and expansive for some, even though they are considered healthy foods. Some people can not digest meat and others need certain meats like lamb or bison verses chicken and beef.

Here are four things to consider before you take your next bite.

1.What is your blood type?

2.What is your ancestry and what did they eat?

3.Do you have any aliments?avoid foods that can make it worse.

4.What food is in season?eat seasonal

The simplest things that you can do no matter what blood type or predisposed illnesses you have is to

*eat fresh,local,and organic

*Don’t eat anything canned or in a box

*Grass fed,antibiotic free meats and only wild fish

*Sugar,alcohol,and caffeine in moderation

*Get rid of your microwave!

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