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The Faces That Are Redefining the Fashion World

The fashion world is inseparable from celebrities; they’re promoters of the latest trends and in the same time icons that dictate new ones. And, since they’re an unavoidable part of our lives while growing up, we learned to look up to them as our role models and guides.

They represent all that we’re not and what we want to be (and what we probably will never be); it’s about the beauty, the extravagance, the fashion sense and the amazing lifestyle (at least the one we imagine they have). They have statement appearance whether they’re going to a grocery store or to some red-carpet event, and we want a piece of that. The closest we can get to that way of life is to copy them in every way we can, and the fashion styles are the most obvious ones.


Tale as old as time

This isn’t a new phenomenon; celebrities of all kinds influenced the fashion trends through history, changing the evolution and civilization. Just think about simple and stylish Audrey Hepburn’s little black dress from The Breakfast at Tiffany’s, glamorous Elizabeth Taylor covered in diamonds, a modern fairy-tale princess Grace Kelly with her impeccable and sophisticated style, along with her well-known the Kelly bag.


Fashion World Tale as old as timeimage source: 1, 2, 3


Katherine Hepburn moved the fashion boundaries with her costumes, long cigarette-pants and overall man-like style, Marilyn Monroe did it with her curves and provocative clothing, while Twiggy did quite the opposite and become famous by her ultra-slim body and mob fashion style. Madonna turned out to be not just the queen of pop, but also a fashion diva which set new standards for the music and fashion industries.



The new kind of beauty

Stars are still trendsetters, and they’re inspiring young people to express their uniqueness and personality. Nowadays, fashion trends are changing very fast and they include a vast array of styles, becoming more open to different types of people. With such role-model diversity, women can more easily relate to their favorite celebs and make their own lives fabulous too.

Since diversity and individuality have become most desired qualities, the hottest fashion supermodels stopped being carbon copies of each other and showed their human, imperfect and more vivid side. For example, Cara Delevingne isn’t just a pretty face, she’s a walking personality who conquered everything she set her mind to, from Yves St. Laurent to Chanel, by imposing her self-confidence as her strongest weapon. Jade Willoughby’s beauty redefined boundaries and national category boxes, while Myla Dalbesio and Ashley Graham proudly reshaped the meaning of a good-looking body, allowing sizes larger than 8 to be even considered by the biggest fashion designers for representing their collections.


Fashion World The new kind of beautyimage source: 1, 2, 3


If you have any doubts about your body and yourself, just remember Chantelle Brown-Young (a.k.a. Winnie Harlow), which became the first model that represents a big brand, in spite of her skin condition, turning it into her advantage; or Carmen Dell’Orefice .¨ the 83-year-old model that has been in business for 70 years, and the ultimate proof that you can do whatever you want and that true beauty doesn’t know age or boundaries.



I want to be like you

Like Madonna did in the .≤80s, new stars, like Ariana Grande and Rihanna, are setting new trends. It’s no wonder why this is the case: they’re fun, open-minded, liberated, edgy, successful, beautiful and famous. They’re inspiring because they experiment with new, creative and dangerous styles, like screaming hair colors, a side-shaved head, scandalous outfits, etc. They define the terms of “in” and “out”, showing us how to get some of their state of mind and create the best version of ourselves.


Fashion World Rihannaimage source


The problem may occur when we’re faced with the reality, comprehending that often we can’t afford some item that out beloved star has. But, that shouldn’t be a problem, considering that you can easily find equally good substitution and maintain your diva’s spirit. For example: the Nudist sandal, one of the hottest trends which all stars adore can be both stylish and practical in any occasion, but, if you can’t afford the original ones, you can find the similar, but less expensive pair of shoes online, and boost your appearance to Hollywood levels of the Hollywood. If you want to literally accent your look and eyes, you can try out Kim K’s and Ariana Grande makeup style and apply nice and long false eyelashes.


Fashion World I want to be like you image02image source: 1, 2, 3, 4



Don’t forget that all those “unreachable” stars are only human like you, the ones who believed in themselves and took some chances. Their self-esteem is actually the thing we want to copy the most. If it doesn’t come naturally to you, get some confidence step by step by following their guidance, but eventually, it will have to be yours and yours only.





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