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Fashionphile: The Luxury Resale Store You Can Trust

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Luxury handbags have always been a status symbol for celebrities and the 1%. But now these gorgeous adornments are available at resale prices, making them more affordable for penny-pinching fashionistas.

At Fashionphile – with locations in Beverly Hills and Carlsbad and an online store- shoppers can purchase luxury handbags and accessories guaranteed authentic by their skilled team of experts. With vintage shopping at an all-time high and limited-edition luxury handbags becoming a better investment than gold, we had to know more about this booming market for luxury handbags.

Co-owner of Fashionphile, Sarah Davis, first started her resale business back in 1999, while still in law school. Even though she passed the bar, her success and passion for luxury resale kept her moving forward with her online shop on eBay. Years later, she partnered with her brother-in-law and now co-owner and CEO Ben Hemminger. Just like Davis, Hemminger was actively buying and selling fashion on the side of his job in real estate, making them the perfect partnership.

Today, Fashionphile has over $25,000,000 in revenue and over 60 employees to date. Viva Glam talked to the owners about their booming business as well as which handbags are worth the investment.

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