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Your Fingers Just Might Be the Best Makeup Tool

Best Makeup Tool

Famed makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin once said that your best makeup tools are your fingers. What, exactly does this mean for you? Put those dirty makeup brushes away, and prepare to learn just how your fingers can help in your makeup routine.

Use Them to Dab Lip Gloss On Your Lips for a Sexy Effect

Nothing is sexier than sultry, round lips. You may have figured out that shiny lip gloss helps enhance this effect. Did you know that subtle touches with your fingers on your skin (specifically your face) will also create a “puffy” look without stretching the skin? That’s why makeup artists often use the word “dab”; the skin’s response to repetitive light, subtle touches causes a healthy, subtle swell. So, why not combine shiny lip gloss with a “dabbing” motion? Use your finger to apply the lip gloss this way, and your lips will appear more round and luscious than they may actually be.

Use Them to Blend Eye Shadow

When it comes to blending, the truth of the matter is that you have much more control with your fingers than you do a brush. And? You likely don’t have as many blending brushes as you do fingers to use, so you’ll always have a fresh, clean blending apparatus to use (as opposed to brushes which collect color as they work so that you can never really blend without a color existing on the brush).

You Can Apply Foundation, Concealer, Highlighter Well With Your Fingers

Your fingers are even by nature, gentle yet thorough, and clean if you wash them! This makes them the perfect tool for foundation, concealer and highlight application. Brushes can collect dirt and grime, distribute makeup unevenly, distort color, and cause breakouts. Skip this hassle altogether by washing your hands and applying makeup with your fingers for clean, even, consistent coverage using only the color you want to use at the time.

Use Your Fingers to Contour Your Cheekbones and Give Them a Hollowed Out Effect Using Contouring Cream

Control is the name of the game with contouring cream: too much and you’ll look superficial; not enough and you can’t really even tell it’s there. Contouring cream must be applied precisely, a little at a time, until the desired look is achieved. What better way to do this than with your fingers?

Apply a Hint of Cream Blush With Your Fingers to Create a Youthful, Dewy Glow

Many times, one shade of blush just doesn’t cut it in terms of creating the look you want. Sometimes layering and contouring are needed to achieve the look, and the best way to do this is by using your fingers. Applying a hint of cream blush with your fingers will allow you the control to reel it in (not overdo it), but ensure that you’re applying just the right amount for that youthful, dewy glow.

The best part of all of this? Your fingers are completely free and are able to be used over and over and over again, as long as you wash them!

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