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France Becomes First Country in the World to Ban Supermarket Waste

How many tons of food do you think are wasted every year? Since we’re adding up food wasted around the world, it can’t be more than a few million tons, right? If millions of people are starving all over the world, there’s no way we can be throwing it all away!

But we are.

Yearly, the world wastes 1.3
billion tons of food (yes, BILLION), so one country has finally taken a stand: France. France has become the first country in the world to ban supermarket waste!
Supermarkets will now have to sign donation contracts with charities or they will faced with penalties up to $84,000 if they do not oblige.

This will allow food banks and other charities to have a more well-rounded and nutritious supply of food for those in need as they always have a deficit in meat, fruits, and vegetables. To maintain order, the food will only be allowed to be given out at a proper center, not handed out on the street.

It also looks like supermarkets in the U.K. will soon follow suit as a petition calling for similar measures has been introduced. It now has over 150,000 signatures.

U.S.A.? It’s time for us to do the same!


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