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Frankie Grande: On ‘Style Code Live’, His Bold Fashion Sense, and How He Built His Following on Social Media

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Lovers of fashion segments, channels, and runway shows know that
watching these shows can be the biggest tease for a fashion lover. Sure that bag is adorable and that dress has our name all over it, but where the heck do we buy it? Now we have to look it up, if they even mention the designer, and it becomes this huge search for a simple piece of clothing which may or may not be available in our size or price range.

Entertainment and social media have been getting closer and closer to solving this problem. With apps like and Glamhive, you can hit a simple button on your phone to buy what your favorite fashion influencer is wearing; but what about all of the talk and news shows you watch that have fashion segments? It’s still a big search…but Amazon has gotten the closest we’ve seen so far with Style Code Live. Streaming live Monday through Friday, you can watch hosts Frankie Grande, Lyndsey Rodrigues, and Rachel Smith interview celebrities, share today’s top gadgets and beauty products, and show you fashion and makeup demonstrations. The best part is that you can interact with them live if you use their Twitter chat and every item mentioned or worn on the show by the hosts and models are provided below so you can easily buy whatever just caught your eye. Did you love that dress Rachel wore? Well, it’s right there at your fingertips and relatively affordable, too!

Odds are you’ve already heard of at least 1/3 of the Style Code Live hosting team, Frankie Grande, as he’s very popular in the social media world especially on Twitter and Instagram. He has also hosted and appeared on many TV shows such as Big Brother, ABDC, and Worst.Post.Ever and performed in Mama Mia and Rock of Ages on Broadway.

We had the opportunity to talk to this incredible triple threat. Grande talked to us about the innovative new show that is Style Code Live, who influenced his unapologetic sense of style, and how he utilized social media to get to the top.


Frankie Grande Credit Matt Sayles 2-viva glam magazine interview




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