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Fun Ways to Enjoy Cardio This Summer

Summer is finally coming and it won’t be too long before you’re starting a new exercise routine. That’s right, you’re going to need to switch it up, and who can blame you? If you’ve been doing the same old routine over and over for the last twelve months, then you’re going to want to throw some new things into the mix to make it interesting, and most importantly, to keep your health in peak condition. We have a few ideas for fun cardio exercise, and you’ll probably want to put your own spin on them.

Join a Sports Team

You don’t have to be professional material to join a sports team; there are a ton of amateur teams in your area, probably, and they range from soccer to football, and even rugby if you happen to live in the right area – you’ll have you work cut out for you, but it’s going to be fun! If rugby piques your interest, investing in a premium rugby ball and high-quality gear can make all the difference in your playing experience. Not only will you get a great workout, but you’ll also make new friends and have fun competing against other teams. Plus, team sports are a great way to improve your coordination and agility.

Take a Swim!

Swimming is a full body workout and it’s a great way to build endurance. It’s also perfect cardiovascular fitness, and you can do it at just about any community pool – if you don’t happen to have your own pool. Additionally, there are many gyms that offer pools today, and memberships are cheaper than ever before.

Take a Hike

In the United States, there are many great park locations that offer hiking trails. Most of these can be walked for free, but keep in mind that there are some which will require an admission fee. Hiking trails can provide you with some of the most beautiful scenery .¨ much more than you’d see on a jog through familiar city streets or even on a treadmill.

Race Walking

If you’re looking to mix it up a bit, race walking might be your thing. It’s like running, but you always keep one foot on the ground .¨ it’s a competitive sport, but you can do it for fun. It’s a great way to get a workout while raising your hand-eye coordination.

Don’t Be Afraid to Dance

Have you ever considered taking up dance? There are so many different styles out there, and if you take a look at WebMD, they’ll give you a quick list of dances you should use for your exercise routine, with ballroom dancing being right at the top. Closely following them, are hip-hop and Latin.

Roller Skating

Want to do something fun? Take up roller blading! Not everyone has the coordination for it, but it can be a lot of fun if you can get the hang of it, seriously. There are tons of sidewalks and skate parks that you can use, all of which are perfect locations for a little bit of skating action.

These are some great ways for you to get into exercise this summer, and it won’t be too long before you’re having the time of your life while getting into the best shape of your life.


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