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How to Get Big Sexy Hair

We all want that Voluminous sexy hair that Victoria’s Secret models seem to wear flawlessly. Well, it may not be as hard to get as you might have thought. All it takes is a bit of time, and some beauty secrets to obtain that big sexy hair.


Conair Heat Waves Jumbo Rollers are a favorite for big sexy hair. Put in the rollers in your hair the night before, for extra voluminous hair. The next morning, take out the curlers, and spray a little hair spray all over your hair. Once the spray has dried, gently brush out the curls for that sexy big hair.

You’re Such a Tease

We all remember that crazy 80’s teased hair, or we’ve seen it in old magazines, and you can get that desired teased look, without it looking crazy. You will need a teasing comb to be able achieve this look. Completely brush out your hair, and to get all of the knots out. Take a small back section of hair from the top of your head, and hold it in your hand; with your other hand start to tease underneath the section of hair. When teasing the hair, you should be moving the comb toward the top of the head, until you reach the scalp. Repeat this step all around the back of your head. Instead of leaving your hair teased lightly brush out the tease. Once you have the volume, and height of hair you want, spray it with hair spray.

The Pull Apart

Curling irons are a thing of the past, now it is all about the curling wand. With your curling wand in a downwards position, start to wrap your hair around it, and leave it for about thirty seconds. Continue this process until all your hair is curly. Pull apart the curls, be careful not get rid of the curls. All your curls are now pulled apart, take hair spray and spray your hair. Lift the roots of your hair when you spray the hair spray, to create big sexy hair.


Socks are an old secret to how women used to curl their hair, before the first curling iron. Socks work unbelievably well, and take almost no effort. For those beauties who don’t have time in the morning, this is how you will fulfill your desire to have sexy big hair. Dampen your hair a little with water, and wrap a section of hair around the socks, or cloth, and then, tie the sock. Let that set in overnight, and take it out in the morning. Spray your curly hair with hair spray, let it sit for a few minutes, and gently brush out the curls.

Whatever method you decide works best for you, it will result in big sexy voluptuous hair.


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