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Glam Girl Travel Makeup

As a glam girl, you always want to look together even when you travel.
You don’t need to have a full face on, but you want a pleasant appearance.

I always make certain to wear a good moisturizer and a medium coverage foundation. Moisturizer helps keep your face hydrated as the air on planes is extremely dry. Foundation helps protect your skin from dirt, germs, and pollution. Lastly, I set the foundation with a translucent powder.

Eyebrows are a must. If you have naturally full eyebrows that are nicely shaped, you don’t have to fill them in. If you are like me with thinner and light-colored brows, I suggest drawing them out to a nice shape. I like to do the majority with powder and use a pencil for the finishing touches.

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Katarina Van Derham

Since I like to be comfortable while traveling, I avoid using false eyelashes. Instead, I use matte taupe and brown eye shadows to shape my eyes which opens them up. This will enhance my features. Then, I apply two coats of mascara to make my eyes pop.
The beauty of this technique is that even if your eye makeup gets slightly messy while you doze on the plane, it won’t ruin the look as it is a “smudgy” technique from the start.

If you don’t have many eyelashes, you can always use a powder eyeliner along the rim of your upper lid.
I like to skip blush and just use a subtle highlighter.
On my lips, I wear lip balm to keep my lips moisturized.

If your natural look is too different from your state ID or passport, putting your face on might be a good idea in order to avoid those pesky questions such as
“Is this really you?!” Take 15 minutes for yourself and remember, makeup is not only cosmetic; it also protects your skin from the elements.

Stay Beautiful!

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