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Fish Bladders in Guinness?

Guinness Beer has announced that it will change its 256 year old recipe to become vegan friendly. By 2016, the brewery will stop using fish bladders in its filters as a move to appease campaigning vegans and vegetarians.


Isinglass is a by-product of the fishing industry that helps remove yeast from stout. This helps the stout settle faster. However, it is rarely used today as synthetic gelatins also remove excess yeast from beer.
Guinness will start using a vegan-friendly filtration plant that will be built in 2016.


A Guinness spokesperson said, “We are conscious that its use may represent a barrier to consumption of our products to some.
As part of our ongoing efforts to further improve the way we make our products, we are seeking alternatives to isinglass.” Good for Guinness!



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