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Guest Books & Alternatives for Wedding Day Memories

A wedding is a day when you create the most beautiful memories that you will undoubtedly cherish for a lifetime. It is the moment wherein you make your wedding vows and promise your partner a forever with your near and dear ones by your side. All of us can be very choosy when it comes to deciding who we plan to invite. After filtering out from a long list of individuals, you must’ve settled on a few without whom the wedding just won’t be complete. 

If your guests mean so much to you; you need to ensure they have immense fun at your wedding and can’t stop talking about your big day even after they get home! 

The wedding ceremony in which only you and your partner are engrossed can be tedious and dull for the guests. Hence; you need to make sure they are engaged in fun activities and have an amusing time. 

One easy way to keep them engaged is using guestbooks! Not only do guestbooks serve as great entertainment but also can be carried home and preserved for years as a wedding souvenir that reminds you from time to time of your special day and who you spent it with. 

Here we have compiled a few Guest Books ideas & Other fun Alternatives that will definitely amplify the fun at your wedding and serve as beautiful memories for everyone present! 

1] Wedding Video Guestbooks

Don’t you want to capture and take along each and every fleeting moment of your wedding? Most videographers will record you and your to-be-spouse. But what about the guests? This is where video guestbooks come in! Using online tools, you can create signage that will be displayed all over your wedding venue. The signage shall have a QR code, which your guests can scan and record their own candid moments or wish you well. This can serve as a great guestbook since you can always preserve copies of it and it shall never be lost or broken! 

Additionally, when messages from loved ones have a face and voice, they are more appealing and touching overall. Years later you can sit back and watch the video guestbook as you reminisce on a golden day and feel a plethora of emotions. 

2] Polaroid Guestbooks 

‘Everything in the world exists today to be captured in a photograph”. Weddings are all about snapshots. Most of your guests will be taking photographs and selfies all over the venue; and why shouldn’t they? Your wedding venue is going to be gorgeous and they are going to be all dolled up for the big event!  You can leverage this fact and install a photo booth at your wedding venue! 

Set up an Instax camera and let your guests capture their polaroids! Make an arrangement for strings to which your guests can suspend the polaroid with a wooden clip and write a message for you and your partner. You can add fairy lights to enhance the aesthetics. This set-up can be picked as it is and installed at your residence. You can always take a glance at the happy faces of your guests and read their heart-warming messages as you look back on your wedding day.

3] Play Around 

No amount of entertainment is too much entertainment! If you are planning a wedding without a few fun games then we recommend you to revise your plan. Games bring up the zest and wedding atmosphere to a great extent! A few games that you could incorporate on your special day include- high striker, dart art station, board game station, poker station, spin the wheel, table trivia and so on! 

A dart art station will not only be a game to play around but also can be transformed into a guest book! For this; you need to attach water balloons filled with bright tints of paint and attach these on a canvas! As your guests throw darts at the balloons and burst them; the paint will splatter, on which, your guests can sign or leave their messages! This guestbook will be one of a kind to display at your house! 

4] Set Up A Dance Floor 

If your wedding plan has no dance floor, are you even sure it’s a wedding? Dancing is the most popular way of celebration. Set up the dance floor where your guests can dance from time to time and take breaks to sip refreshing drinks or munch on appetizers! Dance floors bring up the spirit of an event by leaps and bounds. You can either go for a live band which brings in greater interaction and entertainment or go simply for a DJ. 

You can arrange karaoke, bring in dramatic fireworks that will stun your guests, set up bouncy castles and so on! Weddings are not inherently memorable for your guests as they are for you and your partner. However, if you truly want your wedding to be a special day not just for you but for everyone who made it to the wedding; you need to use the above ideas! So, choose wisely and delight your guests to the brim! 

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