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How is Airbrush Makeup Different From Everyday Makeup?

For years, makeup artists and beauty professionals have used airbrush makeup. Today, this type of makeup is now gaining popularity. So, how is airbrush makeup different from traditional makeup? To give you a better view, here are some of the differences between airbrush makeup and everyday makeup.

What is Airbrush Makeup?

Like spray tans, airbrush makeup is applied using an air compressor and airbrush gun. As such, the makeup must be very fine so that it can be dispersed through the airbrush gun. Because it is very fine, it looks natural when applied to your face. Aside from that, it also provides fantastic coverage, which is flawless and professional.

Flawless Coverage

Compared to everyday makeup, airbrush makeup provides sheer to full coverage while maintaining a natural look. As such, this type of makeup is often recommended for brides. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to achieve this kind of coverage using everyday makeup because it will most likely “cake.”

Another great benefit of using airbrush makeup is that it allows your skin to breathe, and it will not block your pores. For this reason, this type of makeup is also great for women with acne-prone or sensitive skin.


As you know, there are a lot of differences between airbrush makeup and everyday makeup. One, in particular, is that airbrush makeup is more hygienic. Keep in mind that you don’t need to touch an airbrush makeup. Additionally, the airbrush gun will not touch your skin. For this reason, you won’t contaminate your airbrush makeup, and you won’t transfer oil, bacteria, and dirt.


Airbrush makeup is great for weddings and other emotional occasions. The reason is that it is waterproof. To be specific, it can withstand water, rain, sweat, and tears. So, your makeup will still look flawless and natural even after it has been applied for hours.


Finally, airbrush makeup lasts longer compared to everyday makeup. Usually, airbrush makeup can last between eight to twenty-four hours after it is applied to your face.

Final Thoughts

All in all, these are some of the main differences between airbrush makeup and everyday makeup. As you can see, airbrush makeup has an edge over traditional makeup. Unfortunately, it is a bit expensive. Even so, you’ll get all your money’s worth because of the many benefits it provides.


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