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Katarina’s Everyday Eye Makeup

Get strikingly beautiful eyes with Katarina Van Derham’s eye makeup tutorial. With a simple brown-colored eye palette, mascara, and KAT Lash, you can own this gorgeous look.

For the eye palette used in the above video, Katarina used Kat Von D’s “Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette.” She used the “Tope” color as the light shadow shade, the “Medium Brown” as the medium matte shade, and the “Dark Brown” as the darkest shade in her look. Follow the below instructions to match the look:

Step 1- Sweep a Light Matte Shadow on Your Entire Lid

Step 2- Define Your Crease with a Medium Matte Brown Shadow

Step 3- Line Your Lower Lash with a Medium Matte Brown Shadow

Step 4- Line Your Upper Lash with a Dark Matte Brown Shadow

Step 5- Extend the Corners of Your Eye Out with a Dark Matte Brown Shadow

Step 6- Blend Your Shadow with a Clean, Dry Brush

Step 7- Smoke Out Your Lids to Create a Cat-Eye Shape

Step 8- Clean Under Your Eyes with a Dry Brush

Step 9- Apply Two Coats of Black Mascara. Katarina used Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Eyes Mascara in black.

Step 10- Apply KAT Lash; In this video, Katarina uses “Majesty.”

Step 11- Blend Your Lashes and the KAT Lash with a Light Coat of Mascara



KAT Lash: The Right Amount of Lash




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