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How Playing Hooky Can Make You Happier

This may come as a surprise, but taking an occasional day off from work is truly good for your health. Playing hooky can help relieve stress, improve focus, boost creativity, and enhance bonds with your family and loved ones. What’s more, you’ll go back to work feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Studies have shown that taking a break from your usual routine and experiencing new stimuli such as smells, places, tastes, and faces can help unlock creativity. This is particularly important if your job involves thinking out of the box and coming up with new ideas. Occasional days off along with two or more short breaks spread throughout the year can keep you happy and healthy. Here are a few ways playing hooky can do wonders for your mental health.

You Can Take Advantage of the Sunshine and Fresh Air

Work and juggling responsibilities of life in general, can be stressful, so it’s important to take time for some R&R. When you’re cooped up in an air-conditioned office all day, your body misses out on much-needed fresh air and sunshine. So playing hooky may be just what you need to recharge your batteries. Additionally, studies have shown that outdoor activities can help boost focus and decrease stress. You’ll also be able to soak in some vitamin D and start feeling noticeably more energetic.

You Can Catch Up On Rest

Do you feel tired and grumpy all the time? You may be sleep deprived without even knowing it. Taking a day off and sleeping in can provide you with a few precious hours to rest, heal, and nurture your body. Whether you choose to sleep in or simply lounge in bed, slowing down your pace is an excellent way to revitalize your body and mind. It will also boost your productivity in the long run.

You Can Spend Time with Friends and Family

There are people in our lives who bring us incredible joy. Unfortunately, we may not get to spend as much time with them as we’d like to. Taking a day off from work presents the perfect opportunity to catch up with someone you haven’t seen in awhile or a family member you love. Maintaining connections with the people you care about is as important to your mental health as exercise is to your physical well-being.

Many of us tend to neglect our mental health. But, it’s important to remember that a little relaxation goes a long way. Chances are you’ll be much more productive and happier once you’re back at work. So schedule some downtime for yourself and tip your work-life balance in favor of living!


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