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How ‘Project Runway’ Has Changed the Fashion Industry

Season 16’s Winner is in, So We Look Back at “Project Runway”’s Influence on Fashion

We thought that we couldn’t love “Project Runway” any more than we do, and then Tim Gunn officially announced this season that it is a cruelty-free show, stopping designer Margarita Alvarez from using fur. This made us love the iconic show even more. We have been following this season closely, waiting to see who would bring home the big win after Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. After an event-filled season 16 with 2 unconventional materials challenges, a sleepwear challenge from Heidi Klum Intimates, and all the drama that the twins provided, Kentaro Kameyama was finally announced as the winner. But that’s not all! The ban they placed on using fur is a huge win for animal lovers everywhere. Since the show has been on the air for 16 years now, let’s look back on how it has changed the fashion industry.

“Project Runway” first aired in December of 2004, bringing runway fashion to the Bravo TV audience. In doing so, it brought already-big fashion names, such as Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, and Zac Posen, into the lives of the everyday person. People out of the fashion world now got glimpses into it and into the minds of these fashion pros. Before “Project Runway” aired, the fashion industry seemed very closed off. No one knew how it worked. This show brought us into the closed doors of fashion designers, opening them up to the public. More people than ever became inspired to go to design school, and viewers learned to appreciate the hard work designers give day in and day out.

“Project Runway” also introduced us to some now-famous designers that were first featured as their contestants, such as Christian Siriano who won season 4 of the show.

This year, the show broke the mold again by adding models of all sizes. Now, the models that the designers are paired with range from size 0 to size 22.

We have a lot to thank “Project Runway” for. From bringing fashion names into the daily household, giving middle-America a glimpse into the fashion world, letting everyday women know what’s “in” and what’s “out”, and standing proud against a lot of fashion controversy, “Project Runway” has done it all. Thank you, “Project Runway” for keeping us in the fashion loop, and congratulations to Kentaro for winning season 16.

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