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How to Achieve 90’s Glam Hair

How to Style Your Own 90’s Glam Hair

When it comes to hair, the 90’s are known for the “Rachel Hairstyle” that Jennifer Aniston sported in the show “Friends.” However, the 90’s were also considered the “supermodel era” where Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, and Karen Mulder walked like goddesses on the runway with their flowing locks. I find the 90’s supermodel hair to be much more glamorous and feminine than the Rachel hairstyle. But it wasn’t only the supermodels that rocked that big-hair look, even the “Baywatch” babes such as Pam Anderson showed off that 90’s glam hair.
When a style stops being a trend, it becomes outdated. But after about 20 years, the style becomes cool again as it becomes recognized as “retro.” (That’s why movies find a re-make around their 20-year anniversary.) Well, this Baywatch hair just hit its retro phase.
So, in this video, I am going to show you how you can easily look like a Baywatch babe while you are running on the beach in slow-mo.
This video will first show you how to tease your hair to clip in your extensions. Then, it will show you how to add extensions and put all your hair into hot rollers. Finally, it will show you how to finish the style by removing the rollers and teasing your hair.


The 90s Girl: Episode 1 ‘It’s All About the Money’

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